Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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The Salvation Reception
2020-01-17 1.1k
Crashing the party!
2020-01-16 938
Don't touch me!
2020-01-15 939
Partial Obedience
2020-01-14 944
Mob Rule
2020-01-09 1.1k
So Close and Yet So Far
2020-01-08 1.1k
The Devil made me do it!
2020-01-07 1.1k
Jesus' 23 and Me
2020-01-06 1.1k
A Father's Approval
2020-01-03 1.2k
Hard Preaching!
2020-01-02 1.1k
Road Construction
2020-01-01 1.1k
Rare Photo of Jesus!
2019-12-31 969
God's Celebrity
2019-12-30 1.1k

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