Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Sleeping in the Daytime
2019-10-28 1.4k
Glass houses
2019-10-23 1.4k
Three dangers of love
2019-10-22 1.5k
What's up with "that"?
2019-10-18 1.6k
Pleasing God
2019-10-17 1.5k
The Dreaded Appointment
2019-10-11 1.6k
Don't move!
2019-10-10 1.5k
Ministry is People.
2019-10-09 1.5k
The Connection of Suffering
2019-10-08 1.5k
Fake it till you make it!
2019-10-07 1.5k
Holding a Baby
2019-10-04 1.6k
We get to do this!
2019-10-03 1.6k

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