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    Hello fine listeners. My name is Simon Meddings, myself and my co-host Mark C Kelly started up Waffle On Podcast back in 2009. It all started with a deep conversation in the pub about Apocalypse Now, mark loves the film, I see it as a mish mash of chaos. One of our friends turned round and said you two should be on the radio, well whats better than radio? Yes a podcast.

    So we took the plunge, picked up a cheap(ish) microphone and signed up to Podbean. As the years went by we gained a rather large audience, we set up a Facebook group, Twitter account and happily carried on chatting away about films and tv. We've updated our recording devices and wish to keep going for as long as our voices will last. Like anything though it does cost money. I've always resisted asking for donations but with this handy option why not use it and hope you use it too.


    Waffle On is a podcast, hosted by two best friends who want to share their passion (and sometimes fustration) about classic films and tv shows.

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