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    Mary Lindow Understands The Great Need For Hope!


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  • Mary Lindow ~ The Messenger Podcast

    Encouraging, Challenging and Inspiring others has always been a joy for me.  Many who have never had a mentor look for a nurturing person to speak words of hope and to help them put firm feet down on the pathway of life. 

    This is why I pour time and passion into podcasting. I want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of those who listen around the globe. To let them know that someone cares about their losses, victories, needs and dreams.

    Loving people to Christ takes time and a commitment to walk through life with them. With words and sharing from my own heart as the Heavenly Father gives me insights from His heart and Word, I reach out in Grace and Mercy to those who listen to THE MESSENGER PODCAST. 

    I humbly thank all who contiue to help me encourage the hearts of those listening to this podcast. 

    In His Shadow,


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