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    I have been practising and teaching yoga for half a century. I am also a philosopher, artist and musician. For the last twenty years, Anna Ingham [who you hear on many of these podcasts] and I have lived in and run The Parkdale Yoga Centre, offering yoga and therapies to our local community. We also give talks, workshops and retreats, train teachers and create in a wide range of media.

    We have a wealth of experience: we want to share our meditations, investigations and concerns for freedom, the world and the human future in the firm conviction that for some they will act as productive and beneficial irritants, and maybe even as pointers towards the sublime - beautiful – ineffable.

    Some patronage would be great, liberating time for us to produce more and better podcasts on a wide range of concerns including yoga, meditation, spiritual practises and culture, creativity and arts, philosophy east and west, politics, ecology, psychedelics, psychoanalysis and psychology, history, anthropology, science, aesthetics, relationship, process and system and more.

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