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    My goal is to turn Bible believers into Bible doers!


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    Hi I'm Pastor Ed and this is my wife Kim. I am a pastor in a small Texas town and I will soon re-enter the ministry full time. The only problem is my church cannot afford to pay me for full time so I must do other things to make ends meet. I believe that God is calling me to make a leap of faith. Some people have asked why I don't minister in an urban area and the simple answer is that God called me to this rural area. I need your help. Prayer is the number one thing I need from you and I hope all my listeners will add me to their prayers. Those of you who are able, I would ask that you consider becoming a supporter of my ministry.


    Soon I will be launching a street preaching ministry featuring me as an 1880's era western preacher. The messages will be authentic sermons from that era. I would love to share these historical sermons with you. I have launched a You Tube channel for illustrated sermons, teachings and devotionals. I need your support to make these efforts a sucess. 

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