Impact Lenders Podcast
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Category: Business
Last Update: 2021-07-08
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The Impact Lenders Podcast (ILP) is a biweekly podcast that focuses on the work of Community Development Financial Institutions, foundations, government lenders, and others using lending for good. Through interviews with the remarkable personalities in the field, we keep listeners informed on the hot topics and emerging trends in the industry. Guests include executive directors, lenders, marketers, accountants, fundraisers and others active in the industry. By learning from their experiences and opinions about the issues that matter most to impact lenders, this podcast will spark ideas for your own work, renew your enthusiasm for the field of impact finance, and grow your knowledge of the industry. On the podcast, we cover a broad range of topics focusing on community and economic development lending in the U.S. Common themes include affordable housing development, the growth and management of nonprofit loan funds, early care and charter school lending, and small business lending. We also discuss how lenders can collaborate with others, hear from foundations who are active in the space, and get the perspective of borrowers and partner organizations. Special bonus episodes drill down into specific topics to bring newer entrants into the industry up to speed, including the basics of what a CDFI is, the mechanics of community development tax credit programs, and the real estate development cycle. ILP entertains and informs impact lending practitioners at any point in their career arc—if you are interested in impact lending, you are interested in ILP. The podcast is brought to you by the impact lending consulting team at High Impact Financial Analysis. We believe that lending responsibly and with purpose can transform at-risk communities, create opportunity where hope is missing, and offer the everyday citizen a chance to be an impact investor. Our underwriting, portfolio management, and general consulting services help lenders and investors build and maintain high-performing community development portfolios. Learn more about us at