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Category: Entrepreneurship
Last Update: 2023-09-19
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Making money isn’t usually the top priority for big vision creators — making a difference is. But without financial power, the diverse and unique solutions that you bring to the world as a creative entrepreneur aren’t able to see the light of day. And you are left burned out and exhausted. This show is designed for the big vision creators — artists, designers, freelancers, and purple-haired, punk rock weirdos — to answer the question: “If you had your taxes, retirement, and investing on lock, how big of an impact could you make on the world with your creative work?” Your host, Hannah Cole, is both an artist and a tax expert, and the founder of Sunlight Tax. In each episode, she and her guests will explore the connection between financial power and creative success, uncovering the unique money mindset and financial management shifts that help creators like you have a bigger impact with your work. From what you need to know about self-employment taxes and bookkeeping, to unlocking your vision, you'll have everything you need to become more successful — and have a bigger impact — in your creative career. Hannah has supported thousands of creatives with accessible tax and business setup skills through her signature program, Money Bootcamp. You can learn more at and connect on Instagram at @sunlighttax. If this sounds good to you, please subscribe to the show, and share it with a friend.