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Category: Running
Last Update: 2024-07-14
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Running partners in more ways than one! Running partners is a new podcast about all aspects of running, hosted by partners in life and running, Paul Griffiths and Alison Scope. We will discuss training, racing, nutrition, mental health, coaching, injuries, motivation, and much more, and our reflections in the context of fitting it all in to a busy family and work life. The podcast launches on 9th October and we are really excited to get going and would love it if you want to join us. We will share our ideas, thoughts and learning across the topics and some of our experiences from years of running on and off road from track races to ultra marathons! We will also reflect on how our running is going week by week as we work towards our own goals. Running partners is about us talking about the sport we love and hopefully bringing some helpful insight that will be useful to you. If you love running, then make running partners a regular partner on your next run by subscribing and listening to our podcast every week! You will be able to find us on Spotify, apple, google and anywhere else you get your podcasts! Each episode is totally free and we hope you listen, subscribe and enjoy! Each week will be inviting you to comment, leave us a review and email us any feedback to help us improve as we go! You can connect us anytime at or find us at