Prophet Kofi Oduro

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Virtuous For Christ
2019-02-12 3.0k
Be Determined For Christ
2019-02-10 2.2k
The Seed Of Jesus Christ
2019-02-05 2.7k
Sin Is A Reproach
2019-02-05 2.5k
God Will Judge You
2019-02-03 2.8k
Come Out From Among Them
2019-02-03 2.4k
Be Committed To Christ
2019-02-03 2.5k
Deeply Rooted In Christ
2019-01-29 2.5k
Before Abraham Was, I am
2019-01-27 2.5k
Holy And Blameless
2019-01-22 2.8k
The Rod Of His Judgement
2019-01-20 2.4k
Search The Scriptures Daily
2019-01-15 2.5k
Time Is Running Out
2019-01-13 2.7k
With All Your Heart
2019-01-09 2.5k
Essentials For 2019
2019-01-06 2.6k
Benefits Of Eternal Life
2018-12-30 2.2k
The Dynamics Of Christmas
2018-12-25 2.3k
Run For Your Life
2018-12-24 2.5k

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