Prophet Kofi Oduro

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

More Episodes

The Place Called There
2018-12-23 1.9k
Make It Right With God
2018-12-23 1.8k
From Eden To Golgotha
2018-12-22 1.7k
End-Time Warning
2018-12-16 2.2k
Rewards For Self-Denial
2018-12-11 2.1k
2018-12-09 1.8k
Growing In Christ.
2018-12-05 2.0k
Joint-Heirs With Christ
2018-12-02 1.7k
The Cross
2018-12-02 1.7k
Crucify The Flesh
2018-11-27 2.3k
Repent or Perish
2018-11-25 2.2k
2018-11-25 1.8k
The Urgency of The Time
2018-11-18 2.2k
Heavenly Minded
2018-11-18 2.2k
God's End-Time Army
2018-11-11 2.0k
Deny Yourself
2018-11-06 2.1k
Jesus Is Trending
2018-11-04 1.6k
2018-11-02 1.9k

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