More Episodes

Jackson's jig
2009-10-05 7.5k
John McHugh's Jig
2009-08-14 7.0k
The Torn Jacket (reel)
2009-08-04 6.4k
Lad O'Beirne's reel
2009-07-23 6.6k
Mary O' the Wisp (reel)
2009-07-18 6.4k
Con Cassidy's Highland
2009-05-31 7.0k
Gurney's Favourite (jig)
2009-05-30 5.7k
The Lads of Laois (reel)
2009-05-08 5.9k
Higgins' Hornpipe
2009-04-22 6.0k
Bill Malley's Reel
2009-04-18 4.8k
Mulqueeny's Hornpipe
2009-04-13 4.7k
Johnny Cope (hornpipe)
2009-04-13 5.4k
The Bantry Lasses (reel)
2009-04-03 4.7k
The Battering Ram (jig)
2009-03-14 6.4k
The Jolly Seven (reel)
2009-02-20 4.0k

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