More Episodes

The Lazy Dog Highland
2008-08-23 3.9k
Willie Coleman's Jig
2008-08-22 5.0k
The Sunset (hornpipe-ish)
2008-08-09 4.7k
Connolly's Barndance
2008-08-08 5.0k
The Star of Munster (reel)
2008-08-08 4.3k
O'Mahony's Jig
2008-08-01 3.8k
Hinchey's Delight (jig)
2008-07-24 3.2k
The Rolling Wave (jig)
2008-07-21 4.6k
The Cat's Rambles (jig)
2008-07-16 3.7k
Love at the Endings (reel)
2008-07-14 3.5k
The Morning Thrush (reel)
2008-07-12 3.7k
Brian O'Lynn (jig)
2008-07-09 5.6k
Colonel Frazer's Reel
2008-07-05 3.9k
The Beauty Spot (reel)
2008-06-25 3.0k
The Stage Hornpipe
2008-06-20 3.1k
The Monaghan Jig
2008-06-16 4.4k

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