Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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Checking the box
2019-06-27 1.4k
Getting sick of yourself
2019-06-26 1.4k
Are you mindful of God?
2019-06-25 1.4k
What if?
2019-06-21 1.5k
Building lives
2019-06-17 1.4k
What is this wall for?
2019-06-14 1.5k
Dirty religious politics
2019-06-12 1.4k
Social media assassination
2019-06-11 1.4k
Sidetracked = Off track
2019-06-10 1.4k
Breaking up a fight
2019-06-06 1.5k
Brethren vs. Brethren
2019-06-05 1.4k
Cancerous discouragement
2019-06-04 1.4k
You better watch your back!
2019-06-03 1.4k
Sticks and stones
2019-05-31 1.5k

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