Everyday Truth with Kurt Skelly

Religion & Spirituality:Christianity

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I’m a nobody
2019-05-29 1.5k
The power of alone time
2019-05-28 1.5k
Just pray about it
2019-05-27 1.5k
It’s not my fault!
2019-05-24 1.6k
2019-05-23 1.6k
Life’s biggest choice
2019-05-21 1.4k
Leaders, look out!
2019-05-20 1.4k
Going home!
2019-05-15 1.4k
Reasons and seasons
2019-05-10 1.6k
Calling a timeout
2019-05-09 1.5k
Dealing with complainers
2019-05-08 1.5k
A bold and brave sisterhood
2019-05-07 1.5k
I don’t deserve this!
2019-05-06 1.5k

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